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Michael LABAKY a.k.a “LABEX”
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Born in Beirut Lebanon, Labex started off as a guitar player but switched to the electric bass at the age of 15. At the age of 20 he was one of the best uprising rock bass players in his country. Not only has LABEX been involved in the continuing development of various techniques and styles (funk , Latin , and fusion world music) but also in his sense of lyricism and melodic bass lines.

He has performed with more than 50 international artists and festivals around the globe (W.O.M.E.X in Newcastle, big big world festival Scotland, lent festival Slovenia, JARASH festivals, BAALBECK festivals, HAMAMAT Tunisia , etc….). A multi styles player, with an outstanding showmanship performance, Labex began his career in the late 1990s with “warner brothers production house middle east” for 10 years, and performed with H.A.I.R, el Chato, Isabelle LAROCHE, Damien BARNEATA, Jose FERNANDEZ, Demis ROUSSOS, Peggy PAVLAKIS, Selim SESLER, Relou MIREA, Son CUBANO, Tino FAVAZZA, Jose GALVEZ, Aleph” le piano de l’orient”, Tony HANNA, Wadih EL SAFI, national orchestra of nowheristan, the Greek s vs. Turkish, oriental roots orchestra, Yugoslavian brass band, etc. ...).

Today Labex is a main bass player, artist casting manager and a recording engineer in 8e art, performing in a prime time TV show hek menghanni on MTV Beirut.

Labex has just released his bass album named "Bass Lab".

Labex is endorsed by Fodera and just launched his custom signature "LABEX" Fodera bass. He also plays a Fodera Yin Yang Standard bass (serial number 10).

Labex uses

  • Gruv Gear FretWraps, Stadium Bag and DuoStrap
  • Bass guitars: Fodera yinyang standard serial number 10 and working now with Fodera on his own custom signature model "Labex"
  • Amplifier: David EDEN
His endorsement was featured in Bass Musician magazine.

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